“What exactly do you do?”

The eastern understanding of our physical body in terms of lines of power, meridians, and chakras is one attempt to explain what we are organically and how we operate. Western medicines understanding is rooted in the ideas of Isaac Newton, who viewed everything as machines made up of individual systems and parts.

Culturally, each of these things make sense – but when we begin to break them apart, neither of them is completely accurate. 

We have to accept that the morality of our understanding, is there is no absolute methodology – right or wrong entirely depends on the culture we were raised in. 

That same cultural morality is absolutely applied on peoples view when it comes to what they think the body is and how it works.

If we can separate enough from the way we were taught these things to understand that it is possible we were educated in a system that has, at its foundation, a few misconceptions and missing pieces, we can start to see the body as it is, and not how it was taught to us.  By not taking a step back, zooming out, and reassessing what we actually know and where this information is coming from, we are manifesting problems down the road.

If you look at chakras and think it’s a bunch of BS – then take a look at newtonian mechanics and think its 100% the only valid way to understand the body, or vice versa, I suggest and encourage you to take a step back to gain a new perspective.

What if somewhere in the overlap of the two ideologies, is the actual truth of our physiology. In that our body is an interconnected series’s of organic components so tightly woven together, that like a tensile structure, movement, load, or a shift in one place, has to manifest across that web and affects the entire body.  

Technology has allowed both of these two different schools of thought to blend together – and this is where my method comes in.

I’m not saying we have all the answers to everything – I am myself standing at this frontier of knowledge. Standing on that line of what is known, and looking out into the abyss of what is unknown and creating a pathway for people to start exploring their body and finding massive success and results along the way. 

What I do know, is what I teach works. And it works in a way that everything else doesn’t. 

To explain exactly what I do, would be an injustice. The same injustice a pro surfer feels when trying to explain what surfing a wave feels like  – you can try to sum up all the knowledge, science, and understanding to try and explain – but until you let that wave catch you and feel the ocean’s energy push you across a breaking wave, you just won’t know what the “stoke” feeling actually is. I encourage you to dive in head first into what we do – learn from my 10+ year search for this information and enjoy a pain free life without limitations. 

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