Forget About the Surgeries, Pain Pills, and Expensive Therapies.

What if you could get and STAY out of chronic pain for good… Using nothing but your own body? 

What if you could sleep through the night without tossing and turning, move without pain, and get back to doing the things you love? 

And what if you could do ALL of this in less than 30-minutes a day and for less than a weekly trip to the grocery store…

Learn how more than 4,521 people have used Pain Academy's patented systems to overcome:

What is Pain Academy? 

It’s NOT about stretching, yoga, or flexibility. 

It’s NOT “one size fits all” –– every person’s body is different and so are the routines and movements required to fix it.

It’s NOT a fitness routine –– though it can absolutely help you improve your cardio, strength, and power. 

Most importantly… 

Pain Academy Is NOT a Shortcut. But It IS a Lasting Solution to Chronic Pain.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: 

There are no shortcuts to lasting pain relief. 

If you’ve been struggling with serious bodily pain for months, years, or even decades… 

You cannot expect to get out of it overnight. 

There’s no “Lost Tibetan Stretch” or “Ancient Egyptian Yoga Pose” that will magically pop everything back into place and have you moving pain free. 

Healing takes time. 

So if you’re looking for quick fixes or easy solutions… 

We can’t help you. 


We can give you a proven system and methodology to break the shackles of debilitating pain for good. 

A system that doesn’t require surgery, weekly appointments, crazy poses, or expensive gadgets––all it requires is your body and a yoga block… 

A system that’s been researched by the Stanford School of Medicine––and shown to reduce chronic pain by 30% in just 8 weeks.1

A system that’s been vetted by more than 4,000 students from all across the globe with almost every condition imaginable… 

A system that I want to share with you today… because it saved my life. 

When I Went Surfing in My Early 20s … 

… I didn’t know it would almost kill me. 

Hey, I’m Vinny Crispino, I’m the CEO and Founder of Pain Academy. 

And I almost didn’t make it to my 21st birthday. 

More than a decade ago, when I was out surfing in Sunny California, I caught a massive swell…

And it smashed me into a rock with the force of a small pickup truck. 

The impact broke my back, herniated multiple discs, and shifted my spine a staggering 21 degrees. 

Take a look. 

I’m lucky to be alive. 

Much less walking. 

In the blink of an eye, I went from an 8X All American D1 athlete with his sights set on the Olympics… 

To listening to doctors tell me I’d need a walker by the time I was 40. 

My entire life was built around my identity as an elite athlete. 

But after my injury? 

I struggled just to walk up a flight of stairs. 

For most of my 20s, my life was defined by my injury. 

(Maybe You Can Relate?) 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced a similar injury or just feel like your body isn’t moving the way it should (in other words, easily and pain free)… 

You’ve probably had times when debilitating pain stopped you from living the life YOU want to live. 

I got a taste of this firsthand, and later saw the same stories play out in the lives of my personal clients and Pain Academy students…

  • I couldn’t run, swim, hike, cycle or do any of the things I used to love…and walked with an embarrassing limp for most of my 20s.
  • I would toss and turn all night, struggling to sleep because of the constant discomfort (and rely on insane amounts of caffeine just to make it through the day)/ 
  • I would regularly call out of work because it hurt too much to sit in a chair for more than 15-minutes.
  • I couldn’t go out with friends or have a normal social life because road trips, plane rides, and walking around town were too much on my body.
  • I would numb out at the end of the day with rivers of alcohol because I couldn’t exercise and booze was the only thing that made me “feel good.”
  • I’d lose my temper over the smallest things because pain made it almost impossible to regulate my emotions. 
  • I went into a five-figure mountain of debt to pay for medical bills and “this-isn’t-covered-by-insurance” therapies (that never actually worked). 
  • The pain made me feel like a bad father, a bad husband, and a bad HUMAN… because I wasn’t able to do most of the things I wanted to do (and should have been doing) with my loved ones. 

The most frustrating part of all? 

I Was Doing Everything I Could to Get Relief. 

I would stretch and foam roll and do my physical therapy exercises. 

I took all of the weird supplements and herbs that were supposed to help with pain. 

I went to dozens of different “experts,” including:

  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • ROLFing
  • Sports medicine
  • Electro-stimulation
  • Massage
  • Fascial manipulation
  • Yoga 
  • Psychotherapy

The list goes on… 

At best, I’d feel relief for an hour or two. 

But mostly, they just drained my bank account and left me feeling more and more hopeless with each unsuccessful visit. 

And after years of trying, failing, and trying again to get relief… 

I hit my personal rock bottom when… 

I Watched My Son Crawl on the Floor for the First Time, and I Broke Down in Tears 

It should have been one of the happiest moments of my life. 

Instead, it felt like someone had just twisted a knife into my soul. 

Because the second I saw him wriggling around on the ground, I knew it meant one thing: 

I would have to bend over to pick him up.

Even though I love him more than life itself. 

I couldn’t bear the thought of how badly it would hurt to chase him around. 

And I knew that if I couldn’t keep up with him…

The only time I’d be able to see my son is whenever his mother had the time to babysit the both of us––which is no way to live, and not fair to anyone. 

I was scared that my injuries had finally broken me, taking the last good thing in my life away just like it had taken everything else.

And at that moment… 

 I Knew I Had a Decision:

Either Settle for a Life of Debilitating Pain, Suffering, and Resentment…


I Could Find a Way to Get OUT of Pain.

I chose Option 2: to get my life back. 

What followed was a multi-year mission to understand EVERYTHING I could about the human body and how to heal it. 

  • Reading every book on anatomy and physiology I could find
  • Talking with dozens of “fringe” specialists, professors, and movement therapists
  • Testing every healing modality I could find 

And even though most of what I found didn’t hold water. 

Eventually, I stumbled upon a principle that changed my life––and the lives of thousands of my future students––forever: 

How Understanding the 7-Phase Cycle of Pain Changed My Life Forever… 

And Helped Me Build a Blueprint to Solve Debilitating Pain for Good. 


I’m not exaggerating when I say that understanding what I’m about to share with you can mean the difference between a life defined by imbalances and discomfort… 

And a pain free life on YOUR terms. 

Because unless you’re dealing with neurological or autoimmune related conditions… 

Chronic pain happens in a predictable and cyclical way. 

And understanding HOW it happens is the first step to fixing it for good. 

With that, I want to explain something called “The Cumulative Injury Cycle.” 

This isn’t something I came up with. 

It’s a well researched and well documented concept that originated with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

And understanding it is your ticket to a pain free life. 

The cumulative injury cycle occurs in seven distinct phases… 

Even though it most commonly starts with tissue injury (phase one), dysfunction isn’t linear. 

There isn’t always a “chicken or the egg” with chronic pain. 

But once the cycle starts… It follows a predictable pattern. 

During the first phase, we have “Tissue Trauma”… 

This is the phase you’re probably the most familiar with. 

And it’s typically––but not always––where the trouble starts. 

Tissue trauma is exactly what it sounds like. 

It’s what happens when we injure or break down the tissue through either: 

  1. A single “Big Break” event (i.e. breaking a bone, dislocating a shoulder, etc) 
  2. Years or decades of wear and tear 

Either way, after the tissue has been injured, we enter into the next  phase: 

Phase 2: Inflammation 

After tissue has been damaged, the body starts to increase inflammation of the traumatized area. 

And this is actually what it’s supposed to do. 

Inflammation is our body’s way of trying to heal the damage done during phase one. 

The problem? 

Most people don’t allow themselves to adequately heal during this phase. 

They continue to “power through” or ignore the pain believing that it will go away on its own.

Symptoms During Phase 2 Include: 

  • Warm sensations 
  • Soreness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Tenderness  
  • Aches 
  • Shooting pains

Then, we enter into… 

Phase Three: Muscle Spasms 

Once the inflammation has subsided––and often the symptoms along with it––most people think they’re in the clear. 

The sharp pains they were experiencing seem to be done. 

They think the injury is healed. 

But on a microscopic level, muscle spindles (receptor sites that are involved in muscular activation and control) start activating––constantly.

They start to spasm in an attempt to protect the injured area… 

Leading to decreased circulation and tissue tension. 

In other words… 

The injured area starts to feel “tight” and “stiff.” 

And this is where the problems REALLY begin. 

Because as those muscles tighten… 

They lead to: 

Phase Four: Adhesions

AKA: “muscle knots.” 

In response to the strain and stress on the tissue the body starts to create tight nodules that prevent the muscle from contracting and releasing. 

And if they aren’t addressed quickly… they can structurally alter the shape and function of the muscles. 

We start to experience a decreased range of motion where we literally can’t move the way we used to… 

Because our muscles are “blocking” our joints, tendons, and ligaments from their normal function. 


Which causes us to end up in…  

Phase Five: Altered Neuromuscular Control 

This is the phase where an acute injury goes from a manageable mostly isolated problem… 

Into a systemic nightmare that keeps us trapped in the vicious cycle of chronic pain. 

Because of the adhesions, our muscles stop firing when they need to or causing them to fire when they should relax. 

If you’ve ever: 

  • Noticed that your back was sore after bench pressing
  • That your lower back was sore after running
  • That lifting a heavy box caused hip pain
  • Struggled to contract the “right” muscle groups during an exercise or yoga pose 

This is why. 

Because once we reach this phase, our muscles can’t fire the way they’re supposed to fire. 

But we still have to move. 

So other muscles in neighboring areas “come to the rescue” to overcompensate for the muscles that (literally) can’t carry their own weight. 

With enough time, this puts us in phase six: 

Phase Six: Muscle Imbalances 

As our muscles continue to misfire and overcompensate, imbalance becomes inevitable. 

If the muscles in the hips aren’t firing correctly, the muscles in the lower back may become stronger to compensate. 

If the muscles in the shoulders aren’t doing their job, the chest muscles and triceps might start bearing more of the weight. 

And as these muscle imbalances become stronger and stronger, it leads to… 

Phase Seven: Joint Dysfunction 

Our muscles are designed to keep the rest of our body in place. 

They push and pull on our skeletal system to keep our joints aligned and our body moving in a smooth and consistent pattern. 

But when our muscles become imbalanced… 

This can cause our joints to shift out of place. 

Which shows up as: 

  • The shoulder “clicking” every time it moves
  • Needing to pop the back to relieve pressure after sitting for a few hours
  • The hips grinding into the socket when running instead of moving smoothly 

And much much more. 

Which then starts the entire cycle over again at phase one. 

The worst part of all? 

Until We Stop It: This Cycle Will Repeat Itself FOREVER 

Because imbalance leads to more imbalance. 

What started out as a shoulder injury turns into a hip impairment which causes low back pain. 

A seemingly small knee injury from years of running track or playing tennis creates a ripple effect of imbalance that leaves every joint aching and sore. 

In my case, a lower back injury led to imbalances that wreaked havoc on my hips, knees, and ankles––which made my lower back worse. 

The injury cycle is vicious and unforgiving. 

It won’t stop until we MAKE it stop. 

Once I Understood This, It Was Like a Lightbulb Went Off (And I Finally Understood Why I Wasn’t Getting Relief With “Conventional” Approaches) 

Once you understand the injury cycle, it’s easier to understand why the other solutions you’ve tried haven’t worked. 

It also explains why they work for some people… but not for you. 

Because what most people don’t realize is… 

Most healing modalities only address a small PART of the injury cycle. 

Meaning they work great IF you only have one injury and you’re in that specific phase of the cycle. 

  • Massage therapy or myofascial release is great IF… you’re in the adhesions phase of a single injury and just need to work the knots out
  • Chiropractic can offer temporary relief by resolving altered joint motion… BUT it doesn’t do anything to change muscular imbalance or muscle spasms
  • Acupuncture can work IF you catch an injury early on and use it to solve the muscle spasms phase of the injury cycle
  • Yoga can downregulate the nervous system to alleviate inflammation and adhesion, but it can actually make problems worse if you have joint dysfunction (because now you’re only strengthening dysfunction at greater ranges of motion). 

So if you’ve been in chronic pain for years or even decades?

These things aren’t a COMPLETE solution. 

And when it comes to chronic pain? 

Part of a solution isn’t a solution at all. 

So How Do We Break OUT of the Chronic Pain Cycle for Good? 

Once you understand how the injury cycle works… 

The next question becomes: 

What can we do to break out of it? 

This is the question that I OBSESSED over for years. 

And what I discovered was as simple as it was profound. 

Just Like There’s a Cycle of Pain and Injury… 

… There’s a Cycle to Achieving Lasting Relief and Living a Pain Free Life 

To break free from the cycle of pain, we need to retrain our bodies to move the way they were designed to move. 

This means following a system that addresses each part of the pain cycle… 

  • Rehabilitating injured tissue 
  • Reducing inflammation and muscular spasms and smoothing adhesions
  • Regaining neuromuscular control 
  • Fixing muscular imbalances and muscle misfiring disorder 
  • And stabilizing joint function 

After years of trial and error, I discovered that there IS a system that matches each of these criteria. 

A proven path to getting relief from chronic pain and breaking the cumulative injury cycle for good. 

The Five Phases of Lifelong Pain Relief 

Phase #1: Relax your Muscle Imbalances, Rediscover Motion, and Feel Better.

Before we can correct underlying issues, our first objective is to unwind the body and rebalance movement. 

Phase #2: Restore Functionality 

Phase #3: Build Strength 

Phase #4: Introduce Full Body Dynamic Movement 

Phase #5: Unite 

The System Five Phase System Changed My Life Forever (Will It Change Yours?) 

By following the five phases outlined above… 

Not only did I heal my broken back and eliminate the chronic pain that defined my life for years

… But today, I move and feel better than I ever have in my life. 

I’m running ultra marathons, surfing, swimming, and picking up my son––pain free. 

But what’s even more exciting? 

Is how many other people I’ve been able to help thanks to my own journey. 

I’ve been privileged to work with thousands of clients who came to me in debilitating pain. 

But today? They’re… 

  • Transforming their body and finally being able to exercise again after years of struggling just to walk up a flight of steps
  • Doing the activities they love most pain free, from rock climbing to running to mountain biking to swimming––our clients are living their best pain-free lives.
  • Kicking pain killers and other coping mechanisms for good––and reaping all of the benefits that come with it
  • Traveling with their friends and family without being afraid of the pain they’ll experience on a flight or in the car
  • Sleeping through the night after decades of pain related insomnia
  • Saving thousands of dollars on doctors’ visits and expensive therapists


The First Phase of Your Healing Journey 

Here at Pain Academy, we’ve developed a robust 12-month system called The Movement Program that walks you through a customized path to pain relief following the five step journey I shared earlier. 

Unlike other solutions out there… 

This isn’t a “one size fits all” program. 

Instead… it adapts to YOUR unique challenges, imbalances, and dysfunctions. 

With every routine you complete, our system gathers more data about what your body responds to and what your sticking points are… 

And then delivers routines designed to solve your specific challenges. 

But here’s the thing… 

Getting Out of Pain Starts By Understanding Where YOU Are Right Now 

Every body is different. 

We’re all at a different phase in our journey and we’re all stuck in a different part of the pain cycle. 

This is why “One Size Fits All” solutions don’t work. 


We need to first IDENTIFY the specific imbalances and impairments causing discomfort

So that we can address them in the right SEQUENCE and with the right MOVEMENTS. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through or where you are… 

This is the critical first step. 

Think of this like mapping out a road trip before getting in the car and driving off. 

If you don’t know where you are… you can’t find the best path to get where you want to be. 

Which is why your journey starts with … 

The Pain Assessment Toolkit Bundle 


The Pain Assessment Toolkit Bundle is your first step toward getting lasting relief. 

It’s the FIRST thing I walk through with all of my private clients to help them discover the root causes of their chronic pain and the specific imbalances we need to target together. 

What’s more? 

It’s the first step in our complete system The Movement Program. 

And it’s designed to do two things: 

  1. Identify the SPECIFIC imbalances responsible for your pain (because solving the right problems in the wrong order can make things worse).
  2. Start breaking the Cycle of Pain IMMEDIATELY through a simple “foundational relief routine”––to help you correct imbalances, relax the nervous system, and get a taste of what’s possible with our complete systems. 

Not only will this system help you understand how your body is working (or not working) RIGHT NOW. 

But it equips you with the tools you need to identify and manage future injuries, misalignment, and imbalance. 

Thousands of clients have used the tools I teach in the Pain Assessment Toolkit and my other programs to achieve incredible transformations. 

But before I get to that… 

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside of the Pain Assessment Toolkit Bundle 

The Bundle has two parts: 

  1. The Pain Assessment toolkit:

Inside of this quick and simple program… 

You’ll go through a series of easy movements and poses to get clear on the problem areas in your body and the major sources of dysfunction. 

The assessment takes less than an hour.

And after those first 60-minutes… 

… Our students report understanding their body, their movement, and their pain in a way they never imagined possible.

Feeling understood and validated after years of being told to pop a few Tylenol and just get over it. 

But that’s just part of the bundle. 

The second part is… 


  1. The Foundational Relief Routine 

This is where things really get exciting. 

Because this routine is where you’ll start to experience the benefits of the 5-phase system FIRST HAND. 

This 27-minute routine––which can be done from anywhere and only requires your body, a floor, and a yoga block (or large book)––will help you begin the process of breaking the pain cycle IMMEDIATELY. 

This routine isn’t a “complete system” for lifelong pain relief… 

But for many of you… it will give you your first taste of relief in years. 

How do I know? 

Because after completing their first Corrective Routine, more than 64% of students said they noticed significant and IMMEDIATE relief… 


0 %
Noticed IMMEDIATE relief after just 1 session​
0 %
Noticed significant relief after 30 days

And many of them reached out to me asking… 

Why is NO ONE ELSE Talking About This? How on Earth Can a System THIS Simple Work So Well? 

When you start to solve the source instead of chasing symptoms… amazing things can happen in a very short amount of time. 

The things that were once painful or even impossible become an enjoyable part of your daily routine. 

And more importantly… after years, or potentially decades, of being stuck on the “Hamster Wheel of Pain”… you’ll start to have hope that you CAN feel at home in your body and experience the mobility and freedom that is everyone’s birthright. 

Here are just a quick taste of what we’ve included inside of this program: 

  • How reductionism keeps us trapped in perpetual pain (and how the practice of holism helps heal the body faster than ever)
  • The hidden dangers of our ADAPTIVE POTENTIAL… and how ineffective adaptation can wreak havoc on our bodies and make every problem worse
  • Leveraging the “Law of Symmetry” to identify physical imbalances and quickly correct movement patterns 
  • How misaligned “Vertical Load” tricks us into ignoring the true source of our pain––and why this principle is foundational to eliminating pain for good.
  • The “Five Photo Assessment” that can quickly and definitively help you identify where the body is misaligned
  • What the majority of mainstream practioners get WRONG about “range of motion” (and what your body is really telling you when you feel stuck)
  • And much much more!

But you’re probably curious to know… 

What’s the Investment to Get Started? 


If you’ve been chasing solutions for a while, you probably know that being in chronic pain ain’t cheap. 

Just the INTRODUCTORY consultation for a chiropractor, physical therapist, or orthopedic can cost well over $150. 

And when I worked with clients 1-on-1… 

I charged about $300 for the onboarding diagnostic session. 

But I’m not charging anywhere near that amount. 

I’m not charging $300… or $150… 

In fact, you won’t even need to pay $100 (the ORIGINAL price my business partner proposed). 

As a part of a special limited-time offer… 

You can get instant access to The Pain Assessment Toolkit today for a single payment of $37. 

All you need to do to get started is click the button below. 

If You’re Feeling Skeptical or Wondering if This Can Really Work for You, I Want to Take ALL the Risk Off Your Shoulders With Our 30-Day “Right Track” Guarantee 

I want you to understand that I’m NOT asking you to make a decision right now. 

I’m asking you to make a FULLY informed decision. 

And the ONLY way you can do that is by signing up for the Toolkit, going through the assessments, and following the Foundational Movement Flow for at least 7 days. 

After that, you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether or not these systems will work for you. 

So I want to make this as easy as possible for you. 

Right now, you can try the Pain Assessment Toolkit Bundle COMPLETELY risk free for 30-days. 

Join the program. Go through the training. And see for YOURSELF if what I’ve shared with you on this page is true. 

If it is, then you’ll be wondering why we’re ONLY charging $37 for this system. 

And if it isn’t? Then simply message, “” and we’ll send you a full refund––no questions asked. 

This means that the only risk is continuing with where you are right now and saying “no” to a system that has already transformed thousands of lives. 

Are You Ready to Take The First Step Toward Breaking Free From the Cycle of Chronic Pain? 

Here’s all you need to do. 

Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our secure order form (your information is protected by the same encryption used by companies like Amazon) where you can complete your order. 

It only takes a minute and your information is 100% secure. 

Moments after you’re done, you’ll receive an email giving you access to the Pain Assessment Toolkit and the Foundational Movement Flow. 

It’s as simple as that!

And if you’re still on the fence… 

I have one final question. 

When You Look Back 90 Days from Now – How Will You Feel? 

Will you be stuck with the same pain and discomfort you’re experiencing now? 

Experiencing the same problems… 

Feeling the same way about your body… 

Struggling with the same movements… 

Will things get even worse? 


Will you be on the road to recovery? 

Knowing EXACTLY where your pain is coming from and having a clear plan of action to fix it. 

Because what most “experts” won’t admit is that HEALING TAKES TIME. 

It bugs the heck out of me when clever marketers promise that “one weird stretch” can fix all your problems….

… And sell fool’s gold to desperate people because they know they can get away with it. 

Because the truth is… healing is never an overnight process. 

Many of you have been making the same unconscious mistakes for DECADES. 

Meaning that there are literally YEARS of stress and misaligned movement that have to be undone. 

That won’t happen overnight. 

It doesn’t mean it takes years to undo that damage. But it WILL Take time. 

And just like someone’s weight or bank balance… the longer you ignore a problem, the deeper you dig yourself into the hole, and the harder the problem becomes to fix. 

I obviously can’t force you to make a decision. 

But take it from someone who’s experienced the same frustrations and limitations that you’re experiencing. 

The BEST time to start solving your pain is today. 

Don’t waste another moment or force yourself to spend one second longer battling chronic pain. 

Simply click the link below to begin your journey today. 

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