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If you are reading this, you’re ready for the next step in your pain relief journey. You’ve experienced the power of movement because you’ve joined us on the The Better Fast Challenge.

Now it’s time to learn the movements, positions, and techniques necessary to heal your body and solve your movement problems once and for all.

The Movement Program has helped over 10,000 people just like you start feeling better in their body with simple corrective exercises.

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5 Bonus Programs

  • Our best-selling mini-programs, designed for quick relief. 
  • The Pain Assessment Toolkit, Targeted Relief Routines, Work Break Routines, Breaking Your Limits e-Book, and Guided Mindset Course
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The Movement Program is for Every Body

The only at-home movement program that intelligently adapts to your body.

Why The Movement Program Is Uniquely Special

Move Each Day With Targeted Exercises

Every day you’ll move through a sequence of exercises. We call these Movement Sequences. These small movements compound for big results over time.

Adapts To Your Body Over Time

Your progression through the program is entirely based on how your body responds to each movement sequence.

Coaching Keeps You On Track

The movement program is powered by Virtual Coach.  Your personal guide though this entire journey. Virtual coach appears at key points throughout the program, asking for feedback and providing insightful answers on how you body is responding. You’ll be able to overcome any roadblocks and keep moving with confidence.

Healing Made Simple

Fully Guided Video Lessons

Each movement sequence is fully guided and easy to follow along with. Heal on your own time, at home or anywhere.

As little as 15 minutes per day

With just a small time commitment you can start feeling big changes in your body.

Every day is planned just for you

Always know what to work on next. Your Movement Program dynamically updates and tailors itself to your body.

Our Members Feel Better

We’re proud our members start healing quickly.


Feel much better overall within 30 days


Feel instant relief after just 1 day


People helped

Proven to work for...

Hip Pain

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Asymmetrical Pain​

Muscle Imbalances

Shoulder Pain


Elbow Pain

Disc Problems

Foot Pain

Nerve Pain

Shoulder Pain

+ Much more

This Bundle Also Includes:

Our entire library of best-selling products to support  your healing journey.


1 Month of Group Coaching*

Each week you’ll meet with Pain Academy founder, Vinny for a live group coaching call.  Ask specific movement questions, or just come spend time with a community of people on a mission to heal their bodies.

Normally $49

*Included with Annual Plan Only

Your Scores

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Single Leg


Pain Assessment Toolkit

We know that every body is different. And there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

To get lasting relief you need a routine that’s customized to your pain points, your imbalances, and your body.

That’s why your journey starts with the Pain Assessment Toolkit.

With just five simple steps and eight simple movements we’ll help you pinpoint the exact imbalances causing your discomfort (all in less than 60-minutes).

Normally $97


Targeted Relief Routines

A series of specialized flows and exercises to realign each of the most common problem areas in your body so you can experience relief even faster.

Normally $197


Work Break Routines

The work day can be challenging. Muscle aches and joint pain can make your work even harder, if not unbearable. Instead of squirming around all day trying to find comfort, use these routines to wake up important muscles so you can have as much support as possible throughout the day. 

This mini-program contains a variety of routines designed to help break up the effects of working for long periods of time.

Normally $97


Mindset Meditation Course

This 31 day guided audio course is designed to help change your mindset around pain.

Normally $97


Breaking Your Limits E-Book

Meet your new chronic pain manual. Designed to specifically help you navigate your re-balancing journey. In this comprehensive 117 page book you’ll learn:

Normally $18

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1 Year Happiness Guarantee

We’re so confident The Movement Program will help you that we are offering a full money-back guarantee on it. 

Complete The Movement Program within a year and if you don’t feel like you’re on the right track to improving your quality of life, moving better, or feeling better, you’ll get a 100% refund.


Real stories from our members


Pain Academy Member


Pain Academy Member


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Member Profiles

#1 NFL Kicker


Whether you can barely walk, work a desk job, or are in the NFL, The Movement Program will change your life.

Younghoe Koo, a top kicker in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons in the 2021 season, came to use experiencing back pain affecting his performance and his ability to train.

And like most people, when discomfort gets in the way of doing your job, it can make life miserable.

If you look at his photos, it looks like he’s trained the kicking motion so much that his body stayed in that kicking position and couldn’t return to a baseline balanced neutral. 

After teaching him what he needed to do to balance his body and movement, he stuck with the game plan and followed it every day.

You can see how the rotation in his feet balanced out, his center of gravity returned to the middle, his spine relaxed towards the center, and his shoulders leveled.

This total body change is precisely what you will learn how to do when you enroll in The Movement Program to make these powerful changes every day for the rest of your life!

Becoming Symetrical


Samantha originally came to Pain Academy looking for help with her scoliosis and lower back pain.

Aside from having painful movements and substantial muscle imbalances, Samantha didn’t have a daily routine she could follow that would provide her with relief.

After enrolling in The Movement Program, she started to learn simple movements and exercises she could follow daily to regain control over her movement and pain.

Her results speak for themselves. By empowering her and showing her exactly what to do on a daily basis, her body started to respond in incredible ways.

Her pelvis has leveled out, her scoliotic curves have significantly reduced, and her pain levels have subsided enough for her to get back to the gym and be able to work out as hard as she wants.

Above all, she is now in control and knows what to do to thrive long-term.

Feeling Imbalanced

Reggie joined The Movement Program looking to get relief from a strong muscle imbalance. The muscle imbalance was so severe it caused the right side of his back to grow 3x larger than the left side, pulling his lower back, pelvis, and ribcage into a ‘stuck’ rotated position He didn’t have pain per say, movement just didn’t feel great. There was a lot of restriction and tension when he bent forward or did most other movements due to this muscular imbalance. After making a solid commitment to The Movement Program, Reggie learned how to tame this muscular imbalance and help both sides move better together. His learning precisely what to do daily and having a structured program to follow helped him rebalance his entire body. Now that restrictions and limitation are gone when he moves, he now can finally do the strength training programs he wants without worrying about this problem getting worse the stronger he becomes.

Age is just a number


As long as you can move, you can improve how you move.

A thought most people have is, “Am I too old to change?”

That’s what this woman in her 60s was thinking at first when she came to Pain Academy, wanting just to feel better.

She felt decades of movement problems, injuries, and a lack of motion start to add up and negatively affect the quality of her life.

After learning how to feed her body gentle, beginner-friendly movement, her body started to respond, and her strength, range of motion, stability, and movement control returned.

This member improved her quality of life because she now has a plan to follow every day that reminds her body exactly how it should move.

If you are ready to make some changes in your life, we’ll show you exactly how to do that with The Movement Program.


Have a question in mind?

Can’t find your answers here? Send us a message for help.
How long does it take to get better?

This question really depends on a lot of variables. How long you’ve been in pain or have had the imbalance for, how quickly you can learn, and how consistent you can be with the daily routines. On average, it takes a couple days to start feeling a change with your nervous system, a couple weeks for the muscles to start changing, and a couple months for the deeper connective tissue to start adapting and changing.This is a process and it’s going to take some time, but far less time than chasing symptoms. Give your body the space and time to heal.

Do I have to be in pain to do this?

No! Our program helps to change the way you move and think about movement. This program is really for anyone who wants to master the movements of their body!

Will this program work for me for my specific condition/surgery/joint replacement?

The short answer to this question is, Yes. If you have a body, then Pain Academy is for you! As far as surgeries go, such as fusions, discectomies, joint replacements, etc,. The important thing to note is that you still have an entire body around these surgeries that needs to be addressed to prevent or reduce needing further medical treatment.

When it comes to the unique imbalances that you have, whether that be Scoliosis, anterior pelvic tilt, hip hike, etc, our online programs will absolutely address your needs, no matter how your body has uniquely deviated from its natural design. Every position and movement in our program is natural and restorative in nature. We are targeting the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system to show your body that it can be balanced and functional again. Our flagship online program, The Movement Program, is designed to dynamically adapt to how your body responds to our tests, and what problems are most pressing. Everyone goes through the program, but no two people go through it the same way.

We recommend diving into The Movement Program and connecting with one of our coaches to figure out specific modifications for any limitations you might have.

How does your program target my individual needs if everyone is offered the same program?

The Movement Program is designed to dynamically adapt to how your body responds to our tests, and what problems are most pressing. Everyone goes through the program, but no two people go through it the same way.

Every week within the program, you will be taking notes, answering questions, and rating movement routines based on your experience. All of this data is collected into a system we call the “Schedule Builder.” Based on your data, the Schedule Builder will give you movement routines that are best catered to your needs. This is why everyone and anyone, despite your unique history, can thrive within our online program. We’re confident you’ll reach your goals, which is why we also offer a 90 day back guarantee which you can read here if you aren’t completely blown away by our methodology.

How long does the program take each day and how many days a week do I do it?

The Movement Program is a year-long process, and each day is laid out for you with exactly what you need to be doing to reach your goals. Yes, we literally mean every single day, 7 days a week, every week, for 52 weeks, you are assigned a movement routine to practice self care. The first step of joining the program is completing The Pain Assessment Toolkit, which takes about a week to complete.

Once you graduate to The Movement Program, there are 5 Phases to complete, totalling, at minimum one calendar year. That’s why we call this a “lifetime” program – because you can literally use it and re-use it for the rest of your life.

In Phase 1, the first 8 weeks take anywhere from 15-25 minutes to complete each day, as we practice restoring basic functions and getting you in the habit of having a daily self care routine. After those first 8 weeks, the movement routines become more detailed and challenging based on your specific needs and average around 45 minutes a day.

Every week within the program, you will be taking notes, answering questions, and rating movement routines based on your experience. All of this data is collected into a system we call the “Schedule Builder.” Based on your data, the Schedule Builder will give you movement routines that are best catered to your needs. This is why everyone and anyone, despite your unique history, can thrive within our online program. We’re confident you’ll reach your goals, which is why we also offer a 90 day back guarantee which you can read here if you aren’t completely blown away by our methodology.

Do I need any special equipment for this program?

To work through The Movement Program you will need..

Yoga Blocks – $8.99
Fabric Belt – $7.99
A chair or ottoman that you have around the house
A floor and some wall space to use for various positions and exercises

That’s it! Barely any extra costs! 🙂

How do I continue my access after 1 year?

After completing year 1 of your membership, you have the option to continue The Movement Program for a reduced fee. We offer flexible payment plans starting at $30/month. You don’t have to decide if you’d like to continue until a year from your original payment date. 

What happens after I finish the 52 weeks of The Movement Program?

Upon completion of Phase 5 of The Movement Program, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Keep doing exactly what you are doing. At this point you will have spent over a year in The Movement Program developing a well-rounded schedule comprised of movements and routines that help you as an individual move and feel your best. These movement routines are all uniquely selected based on how your body has responded throughout the entire program. This is your final active schedule which will be the last four weeks of Phase 5. This schedule can be repeated for a very long time, even years, to continue developing and maintaining proper function.

Option 2: Go through the entire Movement Program again. This won’t be like starting at day 1 again. If you choose this path, you’d progress through the program in an entirely different way. Your body, and your mindset, have transformed after having done it the first time. Even if you’re still experiencing some of the same problems that brought you here, your physiology is different. That means, you are not going to have the same experience the second time around, because The Movement Program dynamically changes with each phase based on which routines and movements make a positive impact on your body. Going through the program a second time will likely result in an entirely different schedule comprised of different routines focused on different parts of your body. And with that understanding, you can quite literally go through The Movement Program for the rest of your life. This is truly an endless practice

Can my spouse or family member do this program with me?

A key element of The Movement Program is that it dynamically adapts to how you respond to the movement routines we give you. This creates an effective and individualized experience for your body which helps you to accomplish your unique goals. You could have a spouse or family member follow along with you in The Movement Program, they just would not receive the same individualized experience as you will. That said, they will absolutely benefit from the routines because every movement routine in this program addresses the entire body in a specific, powerful and effective way.

Can I pursue other Fitness programs or lift weights while doing this program?

Yes, you can. In fact, unless specific exercises you’re doing are causing you serious pain, we recommend you don’t change anything in your current exercise routines. We don’t want you to give up the activities you love doing. We want you to continue doing what you love and then see how those activities change for you as our program starts to positively impact your body.

Sometimes there are exceptions to this. Here is how you can evaluate what is and isn’t right for you: In the Pain Assessment Toolkit, you will learn how to assess your functionality and underlying issues. As you learn how to effectively assess your function, start testing and using your assessments before and after whatever fitness activity you do. If you find that something you are doing is making your function considerably worse, or painful, then you may want to consider removing this specific activity from your routines until your body gains enough function from working through our programs to continue doing this activity in a more functional way.

Who is the Pain Academy online program designed for?

Our online program is designed for anyone who has a human body and wants to feel better! We’re well known for helping people who have been struggling with bodily pain, bodily limitations, injury, muscle imbalance, misaligned joints, scoliosis, lordosis, botched surgery, and the list goes on and on. That said, our online program is also designed to help healthy people prevent future injury, avoid future surgery, and show up their best to work out, compete in sports, and be better at life in general!

How does The Movement Program guide me? Through videos or pictures or what?

The Movement Program is laid out week by week, day by day. Each day you are given a movement routine that you are to complete. The movement routines are presented as videos, where our founder Vinny guides you through the exact sequence. It’s literally like having Vinny there with you. All you have to do is click “play” on the video and follow along while Vinny shows you exactly what to do, giving helpful tips, cues, and coaching you as if he was there with you in person. All of your progress throughout The Movement Program is guided by the program itself so that all guess work is taken out for you.

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