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The Feel Better Fast Challenge is for anyone struggling with muscle imbalances, chronic pain, or movement issues and wants a proven path to healing and rebalancing their body. This 5-day virtual challenge is guaranteed to help you feel better fast (or your money back)

Proven To Work On...

Your First Step to Whole Body Realignment and Lasting Relief from Pain and Muscular Imbalance

Get on the fast track to feeling better –– without spending a fortune on weekly appointments and adjustments.

Simple Easy to Follow Routines

Follow along with fully guided step by step video routines that you can do from the comfort of your own home

Feel Better On Your Schedule

Each day includes a short and long EasyFlow Movement Routine so you can get relief no matter how busy your day is

Proven Results

Join over 10,000+ happy students who have felt better with Pain Academy’s movement programs


Of people feel better after just their first session

I think this is by far the best program I’ve done. I seen over 20 doctors and therapist, I done all kind of programs  and my pains remain. This program in 3 days has made me feel different. The pain and the stiffness are still there but my body feels a little different,  I can’t explain how, but things are changing for the better!

Juan – Pain Academy Member

If You’re Struggling with Pain, Imbalance, or Injury, There is Finally a Path to Relief!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with annoying imbalances that leave you feeling stiff or “out of whack” and stop you from doing the things you enjoy… 

Or if you’ve been struggling with chronic pain for years to the point where it’s taken over your entire life. 

There is a proven path to feeling better, solving your imbalances, and feeling at home in your body. 

If you’ve been trying to find a solution for years

Have spent thousands of dollars on doctors, PTs, chiropractors, online programs, etc 

And have tried everything under the sun to get relief 

Without seeing any lasting results––

You’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

Today I was able to work in the garden for a solid 5+ hours and I have zero pain in my left hip (my biggest trouble spot). Two weeks ago I would have been in agony!

Sharon – Pain Academy Member

The REAL Reason So Many People Get Stuck

The reason that most “solutions” out there DON’T work for most people is that they treat pain and imbalance in isolation. 

  • Our back hurts, so we zoom in and look for back pain exercises or treatment 
  • We have a pinched nerve in our shoulder, so we pull our shoulders back for better posture or attempt to strengthen the rotator cuff  
  • Our hips feel stiff and tight, so we throw a bunch of hip mobility exercises into our daily routine 

But this approach ignores the big picture.

No one area of the body works alone.

No one area of the body fails alone.

No one area of the body heals alone.

Because injury or imbalance in one part of the body affects every other part of the body.

Now when one area of the body stops working and disrupts other areas, this is what we call the “Dysfunction and Compensation Cycle.”

The Dysfunction & Compensation Cycle:

Whenever we have an injury or imbalance in one part of the body, it affects every other part of the body.

For example, whenever someone twists their ankle (the dysfunction), the rest of the body can’t move the way it normally moves. 

To keep pressure off the injured ankle, the knees, hips, and low back all move in new ways to compensate for the injury. 

And when these compensations aren’t addressed, they create NEW imbalances.

To make matters worse? 

These new imbalances lead to more pain, which leads to more imbalances, and the cycle continues indefinitely––until we intervene and solve the pain at the source. 

This is why it can feel so hard to solve imbalances and get out of pain if you just focus on one area or problem individually in isolation at a time.

I used to have a number of back issues…now my friends are the ones with the problems. I keep sharing with them about this course. All I can say is that it works for me. Some people must just love suffering.

Darren – Pain Academy Member

The Area of the Body We Believe is in Pain is Rarely the SOURCE of the Pain

For example: The hips can hurt because our ankles are stiff and immobile. 

The lower back can hurt because the hips are weak and imbalanced. 

The shoulders can hurt because of dysfunction in the lower back. 

When you only chase the SYMPTOM without addressing the SOURCE, you’re only applying temporary band-aids to deeper issues.

Which keeps you stuck in pain, imbalance, and dysfunction for years. 

That’s why, here at Pain Academy…  

We Help You Rebalance the Whole Body  to Address Dysfunction and Compensation Simultaneously and Heal Imbalances

Instead of focusing on increasing mobility or flexibility in just one joint or one area (like the back, shoulders, or hips). 

We help our students rebalance their WHOLE BODY with our “EasyFlow” Movement Therapy Routines. 

These easy-to-follow movements can be done from anywhere, and are specifically designed to work for all levels of readiness and all bodies. 

If you can get down on the floor, you can use our “EasyFlow” Routines to get relief from painful imbalances and feel better fast.

This Program Is For You If:

Wow just wow!!  I am 71 years and have scoliosis in my lumber through my sacrum .  The twist in my body has my belly button 2-3” to the right and bone spurs developed on right hip from compensating.  I am at least 40% better in 3 days. 

Katrina – Pain Academy Member

How It Works

Intro: Choose Your Starting Pathway

You’ll start by selecting which area of the body you want to focus on. Each pathway emphasizes the selected body part but integrates a full-body realignment approach to ensure comprehensive healing and rebalancing. This method helps target the area you want to improve while addressing the interconnectedness of your entire body.

Day 1: Foundation for Change

Jumpstart your transformation with a simple yet powerful assessment to understand your body’s current state. Here you’ll learn a few key exercises designed to start making an immediate difference. After completing your routine, you’ll retest the assessment to see firsthand the positive changes and value these exercises bring.

Days 2-5: Building Your Routines

Each day, we’ll introduce a new assessment to deepen your understanding of your body and further identify any imbalances. You’ll add one to two corrective exercises to your daily routine. By the 5th day, you’ll have a comprehensive routine that will act as your jumpstart to improving how you move and feel.

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Vinny Crispino, founder of Pain Academy. I’m a former 8x All-American Olympic hopeful who broke my back in a surfing accident in my early 20’s.

For the better part of a decade, chronic pain controlled my life. 

Not only did it put an end to my athletic career, but it stopped me from showing up to the rest of my life. 

My social life, my family, and my business all suffered because of the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis. 

But after years of studying every resource I could find and testing every solution out there, I finally discovered a way to get and stay out of pain for good!  

Since then, I’ve been privileged to work with everyone, from world class athletes to people who’ve never set foot in a gym: I’ve seen it all and have been through it all. 

And now, I’m on a mission to share the same life changing lessons I learned with one million people around the world to help them experience the same relief and freedom I did.

We've Helped 10,000+ People Like You Feel Better.


See the most asked questions from our users and get the answers of your all questions.

Do I need any special equipment for this program?

You only need a few things!

  • Yoga Blocks – $8.99
  • Fabric Belt – $7.99
  • A chair or ottoman that you have around the house
  • A floor and some wall space to use for various positions and exercises

That’s it! Barely any extra costs! 🙂

How does Feel Better Fast guide me?

Feel Better Fast is laid out day by day. Each day you are given a movement routine that you are to complete. The movement routines are presented as videos, where our founder Vinny guides you through the exact sequence. It’s literally like having Vinny there with you. All you have to do is click “play” on the video and follow along while Vinny shows you exactly what to do, giving helpful tips, cues, and coaching you as if he was there with you in person.that all guess work is taken out for you.

Do I have to be in pain to do this?

No! Our program helps to change the way you move and think about movement. This program is really for anyone who wants to master the movements of their body!

How long does it take feel better?

This question really depends on a lot of variables. How long you’ve been in pain or have had the imbalance for, how quickly you can learn, and how consistent you can be with the daily routines. Many people feel instant relief, while others don’t notice a chance for  a couple days.

How does the guarantee work?

Feel Better Fast is backed by a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee. Just email us within 14 days or purchase and you’ll get a full refund.

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