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Heal your body with a movement program designed just for you

Our Movement Program works with your body and adapts to give you the best routine catered to your needs. Let Pain Academy meet you where you need to be helped and assist in sustaining the fruits of your labor.

Tailored to your body

Taking into account over 200 health data points we build a comprehensive body profile that gets to the root of your movement issues.

Built in Consistency

Intuitive systems to help you stay on track. We provide a structure that helps you succeed.

Guided every step of the way

We know healing can be daunting and sometimes isolating. Pain Academy is here to help.

Features to help you achieve your goals.

Body IQ

Body IQ

Track your progress throughout your journey



Assess and analyze your movement abilities regularly to track your progress over time.

Group Talk

Group Talk

Get together with Vinny and other Pain Academy members to discuss their experiences.

<span style="letter-spacing: -0.864px;">Coaching Conversations</span>

Coaching Conversations

Respond to coaching prompts after exercises in real-time to document your experiences and allow us to assist you better.



Improve your understanding of the human body through out informational Workshops.

Your healing journey

Take your first step on the path that thousands of others have taken to balance their bodies.

Phase 1

Analyze your body

Get to the core of your movement issues with a full body assessment. You will be guided through 8 functionality tests that track over 200 data points.

Capture and analyze snapshots of your body doing a series of poses to get a clear baseline of what kinds of imbalance you’re experiencing and where these imbalances are located.

Begin to identify the sources of chronic pains and movement impairments to better understand what is happening in your body.

Phase 2

Rediscover movement

During this phase, you have three main goals:

  1. Identify which movements your body responds to best
  2. Lay down a foundation of muscle and mobility
  3. Establish a habit of making time to heal your body regularly

To start with some quick wins, you will perform routines to open the shoulders, stabilize the hips, balance the ankles, and realign your spine.

Based on your experience with those routines, your Movement Program will adapt to your body’s responses and create customized practices optimized for your unique physiology.

Each session during this phase takes 15-20 minutes a day, intentionally designed to be as simple and effective as possible.

This phase gets your body safely prepared for later phases with more difficult routines.

Phase 3

Restore functionality

Once our system has enough feedback from your Phase 1 sessions, you’ll be given customized routines focused on doing more of what makes you feel good.

This phase contains longer, more robust routines designed to reduce compensation and rebalance your body to help your body work as an integrated system.

Phase 4

Build strength

Incorporate compound, multi-joint movements to help your entire body move better together. Instead of restoring function in a specific area or rebalancing a single muscle group, these routines train your body to move better and easier.

The better your body moves, the more freedom you will have to live life on your terms.

Phase 5

Move dynamically

Now that your nervous system is capable of communicating with your muscles better, it’s time to train more of your muscles to work together. These routines have dynamic motions that have your body moving the way it’s supposed to move.

During this phase, a lot of members report previous pains no longer being an issue. Because strength has been built, members during this phase tend to want to move more, generally with more energy everyday because they’re no longer struggling with constant aches and pains.

Phase 6


By the time you reach this phase, you’ll have the tools to take control of how your body feels and moves. Learn how to maintain the amazing results you’ve achieved for the rest of your life.

You will fine-tune a schedule of movement, exercises, and routines that make sure you feel your best no matter what is happening in your life and what happens in the future. You will develop a long-term strategy for staying pain-free.

We're here to help when traditional approaches aren't working.

Proven to work for...

back pain

neck pain

hip pain


asymmetrical pain

shoulder pain

knee pain

nerve pain


muscle tension and tightness

disc problems

many more...


Feel Significantly Better

within 30 days

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Feel Instant Relief

after just one day

Own The Movement Program For life

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Everything you need to get moving.

Feel imbalanced? Want to get out of pain? Increase your mobility? This is the plan for you.

Your custom Movement Program will guide you to feeling better.



Payment Plan

Get moving and more.

Premium members get their custom Movement Program as well as access to other courses and services to improve their overall physical health and maintain healthy habits.


/Monthly for 3 months


Real stories from our members

Here are Coaching Conversations from our members, eager to share their Pain Academy experience with you.

Georgio Badr

hip imbalance, leg pain

Aly English

hip, joint pain

Sarah LaBass

lower back, knee, foot pain

Our members feel better

Bob Touzinsky
Bob Touzinsky
back, leg, and hip pain

"I've been through physical therapy in the past, and a lot of that has been just focused on just one concentrated area as far as dealing with kind of pain and getting your body moving. So I feel like so far through the first 30 days, this has been a much more effective approach than other types of rehab or physical therapy I've done in the past."

Andrew May
Andrew May
shoulder pain

"My favorite part is having a plan to follow every single day so I don't have to think about it. I can just go on with it."

Nicholas Vittorio
Nicholas Vittorio
chronic torso pain

"I've been able to get some sort of relief from my own movement and my own doing through some of these rebalancing sequences. I feel like in the past I've had to rely on chiropractor twice a week or physical therapy to feel any sort of symptom relief. And now being able to do some of these rebalancing sequences and some of these movements and have a better idea of what actually makes me feel better has been great."

Spencer Peeper
Spencer Peeper
neck pain

"Before starting the program, I felt like almost any movement I had throughout the day was just contributing to my problem and causing me more pain. Whereas now, since starting the program, I have noticeable positive changes and actually just enjoy moving more than I used to."

Beth Bale
Beth Bale
body tightness

"Everything is so easy and so simple and so hard to believe that it works. But it really does. And I feel better. I think I'm getting loosened up. It's all positive. It's a pleasure to be in the program."

Donna Ireland
Donna Ireland
hip and shin pain

"I really find that Vinny is good at guiding, and it seems like he gives cues just about exactly where I need them, reminding me to be in right positions, a very calming presence and calming voice."


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Do I have to be in pain to do this?


Our program helps to change the way you move and think about movement. This program is really for anyone who wants to master the movements of their body!

Who is this Movement Program designed for?

Our Movement Program is designed for anyone who has a human body and wants to feel better!

We’re well known for helping people who have been struggling with bodily pain, bodily limitations, injury, muscle imbalance, misaligned joints, scoliosis, lordosis, botched surgery, and the list goes on and on.

That said, our online program is also designed to help healthy people prevent future injury, avoid future surgery, and show up their best to work out, compete in sports, and be better at life in general.

How long does it take to get better?

This question really depends on a lot of variables. How long you’ve been in pain or have had the imbalance for, how quickly you can learn, and how consistent you can be with the daily routines.

On average, it takes a couple days to start feeling a change with your nervous system, a couple weeks for the muscles to start changing, and a couple months for the deeper connective tissue to start adapting and changing.

This is a process and it’s going to take some time, but far less time than chasing symptoms. Give your body the space and time to heal.

Do this program require special equipment?

To work through your Movement Program you will need..

– Yoga blocks ($8~)
– Fabric belt ($7~)
– A chair or ottoman that you have around the house
– A floor and some wall space to use for various positions and exercises

That’s it! Barely any extra costs!

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