Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can rock your world.

The sensation ranges from a thin blanket of irritable discomfort thrown over one’s day, to sending someone into full disability.

It can be particularly tricky to restore movement impairments when nerve pain is involved because of the immense emotion behind it. We process pain in the same area of the brain that we also process fear so there is often a lot of panic and fear in someone who experiences nerve pain.

It’s not just the emotions, inflammation, and nerve damage that makes this problem challenging to resolve, there are also strong movement imbalances, vicious compensation patterns, and severe dysfunctions present as well.

Nerve pain is a volatile rollercoaster that requires a lot of patience and time to heal from. You aren’t just healing the nerve, you are healing all those days, weeks, months, years, and decades that your physiology has adapted to improper movement patterns.

Take this case for example. This man experienced disabling nerve pain when standing and walking. His body had adapted to being in a chair so much that when he tried to stand up or walk around, his hips, pelvis, and spine remained in a ‘seated’ position.

This can be a challenging movement problem to restore because not only do we have joints that are restricted and don’t move well anymore, there’s also a ‘lack-of-motion lifestyle’ that allowed this problem to exist in the first place.

If we were going to help him, we had to restore his movement AND help him change his lifestyle. Both need to change, otherwise, nothing will change.

The movement routines we gave him from our program solved both of those problems simultaneously. They immediately helped his nerves and muscles communicate better together improving his movement, as well as him practicing our routines daily improved how much motion his body was receiving on a daily basis.

For many people, our special movement routines double as being immediately beneficial at helping the body move better AND helping the body move more on a daily basis. Both of these benefits come together beautifully and over time can help you get out of the painful nervy movement you are experiencing.

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