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Everything you need to get stared on your healing journey.

This Bundle Includes:

Our entire library of best-selling products to support the start of your healing journey.


Back Challenge Recordings

If you enjoyed the Back Challenge, keep the recordings forever. Come back and watch anytime. This 4 day challenge is yours for life.

Normally $197

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Single Leg


Pain Assessment Toolkit

We know that every body is different. And there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

To get lasting relief you need a routine that’s customized to your pain points, your imbalances, and your body.

That’s why your journey starts with the Pain Assessment Toolkit.

With just five simple steps and eight simple movements we’ll help you pinpoint the exact imbalances causing your discomfort (all in less than 60-minutes).

Normally $97


Targeted Relief Routines

A series of specialized flows and exercises to realign each of the most common problem areas in your body so you can experience relief even faster.

Normally $197


Work Break Routines

The work day can be challenging. Muscle aches and joint pain can make your work even harder, if not unbearable. Instead of squirming around all day trying to find comfort, use these routines to wake up important muscles so you can have as much support as possible throughout the day. 

This mini-program contains a variety of routines designed to help break up the effects of working for long periods of time.

Normally $47


Mindset Meditation Course

This 31 day guided audio course is designed to help change your mindset around pain.

Normally $47


Breaking Your Limits E-Book

Meet your new chronic pain manual. Designed to specifically help you navigate your re-balancing journey. In this comprehensive 117 page book you’ll learn:

Normally $18


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What Customers Are Saying!


Pain Academy Student
This knowledge is priceless man, you're a saint for sharing it at such a low price.

Thank you so much for instilling hope and making me realize a pain free life is possible. I can't even fathom the words to express my gratitude.


Pain Academy Student
I just started and finished my first assessment! My mind was already blown when I saw how misaligned my body really is.

Been doing chiro and massage therapy for about 5 years now and needed a real solution and not symptom management anymore. Excited to keep going!


Pain Academy Student
I'm beyond ecstatic after seeing my imbalances from the toolkit.

After 2 surgeries, specialists are saying there's nothing wrong with me and I've been in chronic pain for over 2 years now!


Pain Academy Student
THIS IS LEGENDARY! The way body uses the muscle

And the way it interacts with the body..oh my GOD!

I used pelvis consciously first time in my life.


Pain Academy Student
Thank you! A right knee injury about 15 years ago (with a failed corrective surgery) has now put my entire right side severely out of alignment.

My neck and shoulder have been in agony for about a decade and my hip just started this year. Up until my friend liz told me about you a few weeks ago I genuinely assumed these were impossible to heal. Just gaining the AWARENESS about my alignment and how it's all connected has been huge.


Pain Academy Student
Probably the most valuable lesson I've learned from Pain Academy so far is that pain and dysfunction aren't always coming from the same place.

For the longest time I over stretched my right hip be that's where my pain was coming from. My sciatica was almost always on the right. After your hip hike post I did the test and realized my left hip is the dysfunctional one. My right hip is carrying all the burden of that which causes pain. Now I'm actively working to bring function back to my left hip. It's amazing!!

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