Get to the Bottom of Your Pain, Injuries, and Imbalances in Just 60-Minutes

(And Start Solving them For Good)

The Pain Assessment Toolkit is for anyone struggling with debilitating pain, bodily imbalances, or nagging injuries who’s tired of putting band-aids on their problems and wants to find out what’s really causing them (so they can start solving the pain for good). 

Right now, get lifetime access to the Pain Assessment Toolkit Bundle for just $37 (Normally $97). Offer Expires Soon.


Pain Academy Student
This knowledge is priceless man, you're a saint for sharing it at such a low price.

Thank you so much for instilling hope and making me realize a pain free life is possible. I can't even fathom the words to express my gratitude.


Pain Academy Student
I just started and finished my first assessment! My mind was already blown when I saw how misaligned my body really is.

Been doing chiro and massage therapy for about 5 years now and needed a real solution and not symptom management anymore. Excited to keep going!


Pain Academy Student
I'm beyond ecstatic after seeing my imbalances from the toolkit.

After 2 surgeries, specialists are saying there's nothing wrong with me and I've been in chronic pain for over 2 years now!


Pain Academy Student
THIS IS LEGENDARY! The way body uses the muscle

And the way it interacts with the body..oh my GOD!

I used pelvis consciously first time in my life.


Pain Academy Student
Thank you! A right knee injury about 15 years ago (with a failed corrective surgery) has now put my entire right side severely out of alignment.

My neck and shoulder have been in agony for about a decade and my hip just started this year. Up until my friend liz told me about you a few weeks ago I genuinely assumed these were impossible to heal. Just gaining the AWARENESS about my alignment and how it's all connected has been huge.


Pain Academy Student
Probably the most valuable lesson I've learned from Pain Academy so far is that pain and dysfunction aren't always coming from the same place.

For the longest time I over stretched my right hip be that's where my pain was coming from. My sciatica was almost always on the right. After your hip hike post I did the test and realized my left hip is the dysfunctional one. My right hip is carrying all the burden of that which causes pain. Now I'm actively working to bring function back to my left hip. It's amazing!!

Join 4,000+ Students Who’ve Used Pain Academy’s Systems to Overcome…

… And Get back to Doing the Things They Love

Enjoying Family Time

Without wondering if another flare up or stabbing pain will ruin your weekend plans.

Taking Vacations

Without the anxiety of discomfort on long plane trips or car rides.

Playing Sports

Better movement = better athletes. Optimal movement patterns can increase longevity in your sport, improve performance and decrease recovery time.

Sleeping Through the Night

No more tossing, turning, and desperately trying to get comfortable.


The Pain Assessment Toolkit

Your First Step Toward Lasting Relief. 5 Simple Steps to Pinpoint Your Unique Imbalances

We know that every body is different.  And there’s no one size fits all solution. 

To get lasting relief you need a routine that’s customized to your pain points, your imbalances, and your body. 

That’s why your journey starts with the Pain Assessment Toolkit. 

With just five simple steps and 8 simple movements we’ll help you pinpoint the exact imbalances causing your discomfort (all in less than 60-minutes). 

How it works

Step 1

Setup your camera

Just set up your camera on a chair or counter to record yourself.

Step 2

Perform the tests

Go through the 8 guided movements so you can see exactly what’s happening in your body when you move. 

Step 3

Answer simple questions

We have 8 assessments that we guide you through.

During each assessment, we’ll ask you questions about what you feel and what’s happening in your body to help you understand why you feel the way you do when you move, what is out of balance, and what’s the cause of your pain.

Step 4

Get your results

You’ll receive a test score for each assessment so you can easily understand where your dysfunctions and imbalances are most significant.

Your Scores

Bend Forward
Single Leg

Step 5

Start moving and feeling better

Once you’ve discovered the source of your pain…You’ll unlock instant access to our Foundational Movement Flow so you can start addressing and fixing the imbalances you just discovered right away.

The Foundational Movement Flow helps you feel better

And if you put this routine to work, you can see what’s possible for yourself! This is your first step toward lasting relief…

felt noticeable relief after just one session
0 %
felt significant relief after just 30-days
0 %
Based on a survey of 847 Pain Academy Members

Movement is medicine.

Movement provides your nerves, muscles, and joints with blood, oxygen and the vital nutrients they need to function and heal. The better you move, the better you’ll feel.

With the right routines, you can get relief using nothing but your own body and a yoga block. 

Everything we teach comes down to utilizing simple but powerful movement to unlock your body’s innate capacity. 

Permanent pain relief takes time and patience––but that doesn’t mean you can’t start making awesome progress today. 

That’s why, right from the start, we’re going to get you moving and on the ground, so that you can see for yourself what’s possible with the types of corrective movements we teach. 

That’s why we include our Foundational Movement Flow routine as part of your investment in the Pain Assessment Toolkit. 

It’s a quick and simple 27-minute practice that you can do from anywhere in your home to move better and feel better fast

For many of you, this will be your first corrective movement routine ever––meaning it may be the first time where you actually “feel” how effective movement can be for healing the body.

FREE Bonus

Weekly Live Workshops

You’ll unlock instant access to our Foundational Movement Flow so you can start addressing and fixing the imbalances you just discovered right away.

FREE Bonus

Deep Dive Classes

You’ll unlock instant access to our Foundational Movement Flow so you can start addressing and fixing the imbalances you just discovered right away.

If you want to transform your body, get out of pain, and get your life back… Permanently… Then join over 4,000 of our most committed members inside of Our flagship Pain Relief System...

“The Movement Program”

The Movement Program is our 5 phase system for anyone who wants to move better, feel better, and break the shackles of pain, imbalances, and injuries for good.  


It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a severe movement disorder or just feel “twisted up” and struggle to do your favorite things without tweaks, pinched nerves, and aches…


The Movement Program is a digital program that will help you move better, feel better, and start living a life on your own terms. 


Unlike the other solutions and systems out there, The Movement Program uses an advanced algorithm to adapt to your needs, your imbalances, and what your body responds to best. 


(And best of all, the investment is about 1/10th of the other solutions out there––and you get access for life.) 


But before we can even have a conversation about getting you started with The Movement Program… 


We need to establish your baseline, get you on the floor, and get you moving. 


We want you to feel confident in our systems before we ask you to invest in our full program. 


That’s why the Pain Assessment Toolkit Bundle is the required “first step” for all of our students. 


And once you complete it, you’ll unlock the opportunity to take the next step with The Movement Program.  


So if you’re ready to get started, just click below to enroll now

Meet your Movement Coach

Vinny Crispino is an 8X All American athlete, former Olympic trainee, and the Founder of Pain Academy. 


After breaking his back in a surfing accident in his early 20s, Vinny spent the next decade of his life in debilitating pain. 


Through years of trial, error, and testing every solution he could find, he eventually discovered a simple but powerful system to eliminate chronic pain through restorative movements. 


Today he coaches thousands of students to lasting relief through his flagship experience, The Movement Program. 


You can learn more and follow Vinny over on Instagram

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Pain Assessment Toolkit comes with a no risk 30-day guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied and enlightened by the Pain Assessment Toolkit program then contact us within 30-days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

Nope! Just your body and a camera (your phone works great).

How Long Will I Have Access to the Program?

How does lifetime access sound? 


After enrolling in the Pain Assessment Toolkit you’ll have access to the entire program forever (including any updates or additional content we create in the future).

Will This Get Me Out of Pain For Good?

The Pain Assessment Toolkit is your first step to lasting relief. 


But it isn’t the complete solution. 


Our goal with this system is to help you understand your body on a deeper level and get into the habit of working on your body with restorative movements. 


Then, once you’ve experienced the power of what we teach first hand, you can decide for yourself whether or not our complete solution, The Movement Program makes sense for you. 

I’m Interested, But Skeptical. Is There Any Third Party Research On This?



Although our systems are proprietary and pull from different modalities to break the cycle of chronic pain through movement, the tools and techniques we teach are well documented and well researched. 


If you’d like to learn more you can read the studies below. 


Muscle Imbalances and Injuries


Joint Motion and Pain with the shoulder


Hip Imbalance and Lower Back Pain


Knee Pain and Hip Imbalance


The Stanford Study: Findings from the Pilot Study of Primary Care Referrals to Egoscue Method Clinics


Effect of an exercise program for posture correction on musculoskeletal pain


Effect of Egoscue Corrective Exercise Prescription on Acute and Short-term Chronic Knee and Hip Pain

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