The Single-Leg Stand Assessment

Every time you walk, nearly 60% of that time is spent with only one leg on the ground.

If you are experiencing painful or uncomfortable movement, this simple to-do assessment can help you understand why.

The photo on the left is one of our members performing this test after buying The Pain Assessment Toolkit.

This specific assessment, The Single-Leg Stand, showed him how every time he lifts his right leg off the ground, his right pelvis hikes up, his lower back bends to the side, his upper body rotates clockwise, his right shoulder drops, and his head pulls over to the side.

No wonder why his back was hurting.

That was happening to some degree with literally every step, every run, and every lunge. Anytime that right leg had to move, that painful pattern tugged on his lower back.

What’s even more important to understand is that he didn’t feel all of those compensations mentioned above because it was his normal – he could only feel the back pain.

This is why we have people take photos in the first step of our process. We use six specific movements/positions to help you understand your movement. More specifically, you’ll see the problems you might not be able to feel anymore.

After going through The Pain Assessment Toolkit, he enrolled in The Movement Program to restore his movement.

Now, when his right leg lifts off the ground, the pelvis is more level, the lower back stays straight, the upper body doesn’t twist, and the shoulders maintain a nearly level position.

In other words, he feels a lot better.

Better function = better balance = moving better = feeling better.

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