These choices we face…

Each of us in our own way faces these choices daily.

To survive or thrive.

To open, or to close.

To experience this moment, or prepare for tomorrow.

To get ahead, or leave nothing behind.

To take care of yourself, or others.

To feel or to numb.

Our posture and the way we move reveal which of these choices we are consciously or subconsciously making every day.

These choices we face every day add up slowly.

Too slow to be noticed, until too heavy to be ignored.

Your body is an instrument, and it’s either played daily to create the beautiful music of life in which every single experience you have is enhanced and enriched, or it’s left in the corner ignored — eventually becoming out of tune and unplayable.

But, like any old instrument, its purpose is to play — refurbishment is a process back to purpose.

Your instrument might need a lot of tuning up depending on how long it’s been left unplayed in that corner.

Day after day of this tuning, the notes start to become clearer, the instrument rediscovers it’s purpose, and music starts to endlessly pour out of it.

If you follow this page close enough, you’ll see people who make the choice to play these forgotten instruments and something beautiful happens to each and every one.

Their posts change.

Their words deepen.

A thing starts to happen — as we tune up our body, we reconnect with it, our movement starts to open up this new space.

A space in between places where it’s silent enough to hear life fully,

to feel things fully.

A space where your heart starts to give you words,

and your mind tends to think less and feel more.

It’s in this space where one can experience balance, and in so, know the experience being fully human.

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